Work-Life Balance: 7Geese Edition

April 15, 2016 - 4 minute read - Posted by

It takes a tough cookie to maintain work-life balance.

At 7Geese, where turnaround time is fast, it challenges us all to maintain a good balance during work hours and beyond. Fortunately, our work culture keeps our physical health and sanity in-check at all times. Our vision of creating a work-life balance culture was built through core values and brought to life by employees living the culture. Our core values of excellence, positivity and growth have formed the backbone of 7Geese as a happy, high-achieving and focussed organization.


Here are just four things we do regularly to tap into a work-life balance culture:

We’re fuelled by snacks and never have sad desk lunches!

Snacks don’t always have to be sugary (although it inevitably makes everything taste better). At 7Geese, we’re never out of snacks. It’s important to keep some healthy snacks like almonds, nuts and fruits around to keep the team fuelled between meals and throughout the day.


We’re also incredibly lucky to work in an environment that honours lunch. You should see the number of us that actually sit at our desks during lunch! With the limitless food options to discover in Gastown and fantastic open lounging area, there’s no reason for anyone to have sad desk lunches!

We encourage learning anywhere and everywhere

The 7Geese headquarters isn’t the only place for us to soar as a flock, we take our love for learning beyond the office and into our homes, local cafes or just on the rooftop as we bathe in the sun. Whether it’s having a meeting as we’re taking a walk around the waterfront of downtown Vancouver or reading the latest book on OKRs and goal setting for motivation in the sun, we live and breath in the HR tech world.


Multiple studies have also indicated that bathing in the sunlight has amazing benefits! TL;DR the studies? Essentially, people that spend a good amount of time in sunlight have increased levels of productivity and get better sleep at night. But all being said, we don’t need studies to tell us being in the sun is awesome.

We stay active throughout the day

Hitting up the gym or going for a run outside can give us a quick boost of energy without the negative effects of energy drinks. It’s a lifestyle choice that has caught on to many and the 7Geese team fully behind this active movement.

We can take the time between going about our daily tasks to rest our minds while exercising and come back to our desks feeling more energized to power through the rest of our day. At 7Geese, staying happy and positive is part of our core values and staying active is just one way we go about boosting wellness levels of the team.

We love our pet therapy

According to a study by the University of Missouri, spending time with animals actually heightens your levels of Oxytocin (the hormone that makes people feel happy)! That’s why—at 7Geese—we have a pet friendly culture.

Working alongside our furry friends isn’t just for cuddles, it carries us through the longest days.

Here’s a bite-sized indicator of how keen we are on pet therapy:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.00.24 AM

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