How Employee Compensation Fits Into Your Performance Management Process

Top performing organizations know how important it is to have an effective performance management process and accurate compensation strategy. Yet, management and HR leaders find ourselves struggling to bridge the gap between how performance management and compensation impact one another.

To help address your most pressing questions on performance management and compensation, Elizabeth Stewart (Head of Professional Services, 7Geese) along with a Compensation Expert, Paul Dhillon, will be delivering an in-depth webcast on where and how compensation fits into your current performance management process.

So whether you’re looking to refine your compensation strategy or wondering where it fits into your organization’s performance management process, this webcast uncover the answers.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

1. How to conduct valuable performance reviews 
– Creating performance review criteria that reflect job competencies
– Gathering the necessary data for succession planning

2. How to refine a compensation strategy 
– Discussing current employee compensation trends
– Linking between performance reviews and compensation: is this possible?

3. Question & Answer