Drive higher performance with more effective 1-on-1s

1-on-1s are one of the most important productivity tools you have as a manager.

That’s why this webinar is designed to give leaders an in-depth walkthrough of how to leverage 1-on-1s to drive higher employee performance.

In 60 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new strategies to conduct more effective 1-on-1s and have your questions answered—you won’t want to these insights. This video covers:

• Current performance management trends; performance management outlook for 2018
• Why conducting 1-on-1s is essential for managers and employees
• How managers can facilitate better 1-on-1s with a focus on performance feedback
• How to leverage performance feedback from 1-on-1s to drive better OKR results
• Q&A

Presented by: Ashleigh Myerscough, Talent Management Advisor, 7Geese