[Press Release] 7Geese expands their platform with new Reviews feature

June 7, 2018 - 5 minute read - Posted by

7Geese makes it easier than ever for companies to facilitate accurate performance reviews by automatically populating employee performance data compiled throughout the year.

7Geese, the pioneering software for company-wide Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) goal-setting and continuous performance management, announced the launch of its new Reviews feature.

Recent Gallup studies have shown that 74% of employees believe their performance reviews are inaccurate reflections of what they achieved at work.

To make matters worse, 22% of employees are calling in sick to avoid their performance reviews. With over 47% of employees seeking new employment after receiving inaccurate results. All of this accounts for an average expenditure of $3,000 per U.S. employee during the performance reviews process (including employee time and technology), according to a Corporate Executive Board (CEB) survey of Fortune 1,000 companies.

That means, not only are performance reviews inaccurate, but it’s costing companies time, top talent and trust.

That’s why 7Geese Reviews has been built with high-performing teams in mind. It automatically compiles the goals, achievements, 1-on-1 check ins, and feedback information from throughout the year for every employee. This eliminates the hours of shuffling through a year’s worth of documents, and it reduces the potential risk of recency bias—which is the key culprit of inaccurate performance reviews, while saving time and retaining top talent.

7Geese CEO, Amin Palizban, has a strong vision of what accurate performance reviews should look like and said that “the companies that will succeed are the ones who help their employees to grow and provide them the necessary feedback they need to succeed. We have expanded our continuous performance management platform to provide employees with data-driven performance reviews which saves time and makes performance conversations accurate.”

With this vision in mind, 7Geese Director of Product, Matt Beckstead, lead the building of the 7Geese Reviews feature and built 7Geese Reviews feature to “improve data accuracy and ease of use for both the employees and managers. Through data-driven performance reviews, employees are able to easy view and reflect on their work performance and achievements from throughout the year. Managers can swift through the feedback they gave employees throughout the year and summarize the progress their team has made.”

7Geese Reviews beta customer ClearScore said that “7Geese made the world of difference and completely transformed our performance review process.”

7Geese Reviews provides the framework managers need to conduct annual performance reviews without the heavy time commitment.

The 7Geese Reviews feature includes the following:

Data rich conversations: Have meaningful and accurate performance conversations when all your employee performance data; 1-on-1s, goals, feedback, and recognition, is in one place. No more recency biases and having to remember what you did throughout the year. All relevant employee data is compiled and presented in a digestible format.

Customizable process: With the help of 7Geese, HR advisors, we’ll work with you to create a process that are easily repeatable by saving customized templates. Kick-start reviews for the whole company at once, or have different cadences for each department. You can also conduct ad-hoc reviews for any group of people at any time. You can include ratings or chose a more qualitative review process.

Progress tracking and calibration reports: Track every step of the review process and send reminders to make sure everyone is on track throughout the review cycle. Analyze the compiled results with graphs and data tables that include department and manager filtering. You can also export the data for calibration meetings, compensation management, or to plug-in to other systems.

HRIS Syncing: Easy and seamless integration with existing systems. 7Geese integrates with today’s top HRIS software in the market, working to deliver bring real-time data for managers to make everyday decisions on employee performance and growth. Companies can now customize the way they deliver and facilitate performance reviews using the technological convenience that 7Geese provides in a full performance management platform.

7Geese Reviews makes it easier than ever for companies to facilitate accurate paperless performance reviews with the help of automatically populated employee data, making the process enjoyable, faster, and more accurate.

Watch the Reviews video to learn more:

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