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[Press Release] 7Geese saves HR time by automating performance management

7Geese launches new Programs feature to make it even easier to run efficient and continuous performance management activities by automating administrative tasks.

7Geese, a leader in HR Technology for company-wide Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) goal-setting and continuous performance management, announced the release of its new Programs feature.

The Programs feature was created to support your goal-setting and performance management processes by enabling you to organize, run, and report on your development activities all in one place. With less time spent tracking employee compliance and compiling summary reports for management, you’ll be able to drive higher employee engagement and focus on more strategic work.

7Geese CEO, Amin Palizban, said that “Programs is an example of how HR Tech can disrupt an industry. The new Programs feature helps facilitate better process planning and automate the execution of transparent performance management activities. Employees know what’s expected of them at any given time, and are able to easily complete each activity with a simple workflow. This saves HR and employees valuable time—allowing them to focus on more important work.”

The Programs feature includes the following functionalities:

Centrally planning processes: Easily communicate to employees and managers what is expected from them and when. Run OKRs goal-setting, 1-on-1s and feedback process on your timeline, with ease and all in one place.

Automatic notifications: Spend less time sending manual follow-up reminders and tapping people on the shoulder. Create one-time or recurring notifications to prompt employees to complete performance management activities and drive higher employee engagement levels.

Create easy-to-follow workflows: Save everyone valuable time and energy, while increasing consistency and completion rates. All communications to employees include seamless links into 7Geese with pre-populated templates and other preset requirements auto-filled.

Progress tracking and completion reporting: Spend less time tracking employee compliance and compiling summary reports for management. View, analyze and export employee activity data in one place.

Utilize customizable templates: Ensure consistency between your different processes. Our team of HR experts can help you automate your existing strategy, or create a custom plan.

7Geese Programs makes it easier than ever for people to facilitate continuous and efficient performance management activities with the help of automatic notifications, easy-to-follow workflows and progress, and completion reports—saving you time for more strategic work.

Watch the Programs video to learn more:

To see 7Geese Programs in action, request a demo.

Janine Melenka

Director of Marketing