Moz Empowers Employees with Real-Time Performance Reviews

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Vancouver, CANADA – (November 19, 2014) Search Engine Optimization software company Moz knows it takes an exceptional team to deliver exceptional products – an approach that extends to their exceptional take on performance reviews.

Reviews aren’t done annually. Or even semi-annually. Moz has opted for a system of ongoing feedback and coaching designed to promote continuous employee development – and it’s open to all, peers and managers alike.

The Seattle-based company uses a social performance management platform called 7Geese. The cloud-based technology helps managers become coaches rather than evaluators. It allows peers to give immediate input which helps team synergy. It empowers employees to take ownership of their performance and trajectory in the organization.

“We care a great deal about fostering an environment that helps us all be the best versions of ourselves, every day. Part of this means giving and receiving feedback in real time,” says Rebecca Clements, Vice President of Human Resources (and awesomeness) at Moz. “7Geese is a tool that helps our individual contributors, teams, and people wranglers do just that, instead of putting off real conversations until semi-annual or annual performance cycles.”

Amin Palizban, CEO of 7Geese, adds, “Our platform is more than just a way for employees to set goals and gather feedback. We have re-imagined performance management for the 21st century that is based on partnering with people and continuously coaching them to succeed.”

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About 7Geese

7Geese helps companies transform their employee performance management by moving away from traditional and broken annual performance reviews. With a focus on continual performance management, 7Geese’s platform empowers employees to get recognized for good work, track 1-on-1s, and gather relevant feedback. 7Geese also helps companies set and accomplish ambitious goals while providing relevant insight into current business performance.

About Moz

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