Maximize Employee Engagement by Using a Social Platform

October 28, 2013 - 6 minute read - Posted by

The world of HR is revolutionizing with the introduction of social platforms. HR processes such as recruitment, payroll and benefits, and performance management are no longer paper-based; HR vendors such as 7Geese are providing an easy-to-use, social, and innovative platform to make HR processes more engaging and agile. Not only are more companies using Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to efficiently manage their human capital, they are also implementing social platforms to successfully create employee engagement within the organization, which ultimately leads to higher productivity.

Why find a social work platform to engage employees when many companies are discouraging their employees from using social media in the workplace? The main reason is that we are turning into a connected economy. With advanced technology, we are all connected to each other in both our personal and professional lives. Every business, regardless of their sizes, can reach their target markets with minimal resources through social media such as Twitter. Social tools allow businesses to create a sense of belonging and engagement among its users. Companies should apply the same concept within its organization: connect all employees through a social platform.

It is important for you to find ways to create conversations among your employees regarding the company and its strategies. Social platforms can easily turn into a channel for gossips if not properly monitored. 7Geese uses its objectives feature to create those conversations about the company – each employee shares their objectives for the month or quarter and update the progress with what they have achieved. Living in a connected economy is not the only reason why you should use a social platform to maximize employee engagement.  Here are 4 other reasons why you should consider implementing a social platform in the workplace:

Change in Organizational Structure

Companies are pushing for flatter organizational structure, cutting down the layers of management and empowering employees. Information are no longer being handed from top to bottom. You want an organization where each employee knows what the organization’s objectives are as well as the culture and core values. Communication needs to flow with ease without barriers and permissions. Open communication means clear line of sight. In return, employees are engaged with the business and know what to do that will make an impact. The world of business is moving so fast that you cannot afford to lose time when communicating with your employees.

Remote Workplace

Employees no longer need to be physically present in the workplace to do their work nowadays. With technology such as Google Drive and Skype, an employee can work anywhere in the world and still be connected to the team. 7Geese offers organizations the possibility to share each other’s progress on objectives and key results (OKRs). Every member of the company can see what their peers are working on, the progress they are making, and how their contributions are aligned with the higher level objectives. It also allows for higher engagement if you have different locations based in various cities or countries. One of our clients, Return Path, likes how 7Geese allows their organization to make efficient use of resources as since all objectives are shared and public, employees do not end up working on the same things.

Modern Worker Characteristics

The modern workers crave for continuous feedback. They want to know how to improve so that they can take on more challenging duties. Social performance management platform allows managers to be up-to-date with their employees’ progress. The real-time information helps them become more proactive i.e. instead of waiting at the end of an objective or at the end of the year to give feedback, managers can quickly see how the progress of an objective has been going. If on track, they have the opportunity to recognize their employees’ hard work. If off track, they can jump in and provide the necessary support to help their employees achieve their goals.

Self-Managing Teams

I strongly believe that the self-management is the future of work. Teams will be formed in an organic fashion, promoting cross-functional groups. Managers will become coaches, supporting their teams to achieve their objectives. By providing a social platform, your teams will be able to communicate with each other and the whole organization on what they are working on, the obstacles they are facing, and the progress. Again, communication is a key to the success of a team. If your teammates are going to give you accountability for a substantial part of the project, they want to stay connected with you, provide you recognitions to celebrate your success, and feedback for improvement.

I encourage you to look into the channels of communication you have in place for your employees to be highly engaged with each other as well as with the business strategies. Social platforms such as 7Geese drives employee engagement by providing features such as objective setting and recognition based on core values so that your employees feel valued and connected with their workplace. After all, we spend at least 8 hours a day at work.


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