In any office space there is an abundance of peers, regardless if they are a manager. Feedback should be both accessible and help the others grow in an a focused area. Here are some benefits to consider:

Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Feedback

  • Both parties get to develop leadership, communication, and mentorship skills.
  • You get insights on trends within the field of your peer. This provokes expertise sharing, career strategizing, provides visibility into other career paths, and transforms everyone in a role model.
  • New bonds get created that allow each peer to tap into new networks.
  • Increased sense of contribution, evoking a collaborative environment where supporting others and growth is at the core.
  • Exchanging ideas with peers provides fresh, and otherwise untapped into perspectives.

Benefits of Manager to Peer Feedback

  • Continuously review the team’s accomplishments and career plans.
  • Provide support to help the team succeed.
  • Celebrate the team’s success and highlight their growth.
  • Find out how both manager and peer have been contributing to helping others grow.
  • Provide an atmosphere where others can give managers feedback.