Infographic: The Benefits of Aligning Your Employee Recognition With Company’s Core Values

July 26, 2013 - 1 minute read - Posted by

7Geese has just released its new Recognition Center where the focus is on recognizing your employees based on your company’s core values. The Recognition center also helps managers to identify which employee has been recognized the most for demonstrating the company’s core values.

By encouraging value-based recognition, your organization will benefit from:

  1. Higher employee engagement – Employees feel valued when they are recognized for their contribution to the organization. They are motivated to display the same behaviours which are aligned with the company’s core values.
  2. Low employee turnover – Recognition is a positive reinforcer. It tells employees that the organization is very appreciative of their efforts. Knowing that you are contributing to the success of your organization and that your efforts are being recognized will promote loyalty.
  3. Increased productivity – Employees understand what your core values are and are more interested in understanding what your organization’s objectives are. They will align themselves with your goals.
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