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Uncovering the ROI of your performance management program

Employee performance matters across the organization.

In fact, having happy employees that consistently excel in their performance is directly correlated to the profitability of an organization. And that’s exactly why so many leading organizations have their own Performance Management Program.

Implementing a Performance Management Program that includes goal-setting, feedback, reviews and recognition can help employees perform at a higher level and organizations to achieve more.

But the pressing question that every leader needs to answer is: “What’s the ROI of my organization’s Performance Management Program?”. To uncover the ROI, we must first understand how well your organization is currently meeting business objectives and how it’s measuring up to the industry standard.

Luckily, Robert St-Jacques has the answer to this question.

With 20+ years experience successfully creating, improving and transforming Performance Management within organizations globally, Robert brings to this session a multitude of strategic expertise.

Today, his is recognized as a global HR thought leader for having served as keynote speaker and conference Chairman at over 30 regional HR Conferences across North America, Asia as well as the Middle East.

In this session, Robert will be sharing exactly HOW to calculate the ROI of their current Performance Management Program and actionable ways to further improve it. 

Using proven formulas and elements of an evidence-based performance management program, leaders will finally be able to quantify the value of their organization’s Goal-setting and Performance Management Programs. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in the session:

  • Learn the components of an Evidence-Based Performance Management Program that drives ROI.
  • How to calculate the ROI of performance management, including formulas and the research behind such calculations.
  • How to implement such a program and measure your results along the way.

Join Robert and other industry experts for HR Virtual Summit 2018 on November 8th. We’ve prepared a virtual presentation packed with our best tools and insights you can enjoy from the comfort of your office or home.

Discover your performance management ROI with our 7Geese ROI calculator! 

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