3 minute read – Last updated: May 8, 2020

How to deploy well-researched systems quickly

Ask the Expert with Robert St-Jacques — Episode 9

Our GM of Professional Services Robert St. Jacques has been answering the questions we continue to receive about HR and people management changes during the health crisis.

Q: What can I deploy something quickly that I know is well researched?

RSJ: We’re huge fans of OKRs (objectives and key results) here at 7Geese. Did you know that underneath that acronym is about 70 years of very consistent scientific research? When we use the word research, we don’t mean a study that appeared in the New York Times last week or the Guardian two weeks ago. When we say research, we are talking about meta-analyses, systematic reviews of thousands of studies. 

In terms of goal attainment and goal completion, the research has been fairly consistent in terms of what’s necessary. You need an aspirational, qualitative statement supported by quantitative milestones. There needs to be a level of transparency, you need to show progress, and it also helps if these are part of an ecosystem where you get feedback. 

That may sound fairly complicated, but we have new clients that have come to us just in this quarter because they require focus, alignment, and discipline on a pivot that they’re doing in the second quarter. 

One-piece that I’d like to highlight is, if you type ‘Quickstart OKRs’ in Google there’s a lot of resources, but one of my favorites because everything is dwindled down to one page, is on the website called Eisenhower.me. You’ll see there they provide some free PDFs of one-page, OKRs, and how to write them down, with the instructions listed on the side. 

To the question of how to deploy something quickly that is based on sound research, that would be your OKRs. And we here at 7Geese are happy to help — you can reach out to any of our folks. But if you just want to get started and get an idea, visit the eisenhower.me website and have a look at their one-page, OKR cheat sheets. It’s a great way to get started and maybe prepare you for a conversation with us.

To learn more and OKRs, read our guide on OKRs for companies.

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