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How Continuous Performance Management can reduce communications gaps

Ask the Expert with Ashleigh Myerscough — Episode 18

Ashleigh Myerscough, Senior Performance Coach at 7Geese answers your questions about human resources and people management during the pandemic. 

Q: What are the downstream effects of a communication gap and how can HR help with this gap? 

AM: Communication gaps regarding strategy are usually why our customers come to us and look to implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

We know that only 10% of organizations execute on their strategy. A big reason for this is breakdowns in communication throughout their organization. It is not always clear about what to be working on. 

By the time the strategy is communicated from the leadership team to the frontline team members, only 14% of team members can articulate what the company is striving for and how to get there. It’s a communications gap that we can measure and strive to help fix. 

Two troublesome downstream effects of communication gaps

  1. Missed alignment. This results in duplication of effort, missing priorities and opportunities, coming up short on achieving goals
  2. A lack of engagement. Some team members are unclear on key initiatives because they don’t know why or how their efforts have an impact. Without a connection between their work and the overall company performance, they lack a sense of connection, which can result in turnover

Continuous Performance Management helps HR reduce the gap

At 7Geese, we believe that Continuous Performance Management (CPM) is the best way to address this gap. When team members have clear goals that challenge them, are aligned with the bigger picture, and hold them accountable, they know what they are working towards. 

When we layer in continuous 1-on-1s to remove roadblocks and directly address questions from our team members, we decrease those communication misses. Providing feedback a few times a quarter will help redirect efforts if they become misaligned. 

Conducting a review at the of the quarter or every six months provides actionable feedback that pulls team members back to your organization’s bigger picture. It also has the effect of allowing them to see a bigger picture of their own. 

Systems to close the gap

Communication gaps are very common in organizations and result in 90% of organizations not meeting their strategic goals. Some downstream impacts include employee turnover, missed strategies and goals, and lack of engagement. 

HR can overcome these gaps by implementing and following a CPM strategy that connects team members to the organization’s big picture, along with their own. 

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Ashleigh Myerscough

Senior Performance Coach at 7Geese