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How 7Geese’s new Surveys feature improves employee experience and performance

It’s become more critical than ever to find ways of communicating with our teams and collecting honest feedback.

We have taken our survey feature to the next level, to enable companies to generate stronger insights on how to engage their people and improve their employee experience. 

You can call it employee engagement, culture, organizational climate — there are many buzzwords but they all have a similar meaning. “Companies are starting to recognize that it’s critical for our processes and practices to be more people-centric,” says Libby Stewart, 7Geese Director of Customer Success. 

Why we need to be people-centric and care about employee experiences

When we pay too little attention to the individuals in our companies, it puts us at risk of fostering negative employee experiences. “Far too often we can see how negative workplace experiences can be harmful,” says Libby. “Not only for the individual themselves but ultimately to company performance as well.”

The traditional model of annual performance reviews, even when well-intentioned, can wind up being more stressful and unsatisfying for employees. This kind of negative experience can impact retention and employee well-being in a meaningful way. Having more regular check-ins that place a focus on employee feedback has been proven to have a more positive effect. 

It’s only when people are given an opportunity to be heard that we can create the kind of environment where they are inspired to give their best effort to the company and stick around for the long term. “Positive experiences at work, whether social, ergonomic or even positive interactions with our tech stock will leave us feeling far more engaged and satisfied in the work that we’re doing,” says Libby. “We know that satisfaction is linked with more effort and investment into what we do.  

MIT research shows that enterprises with a top-quartile employee experience achieve twice the innovation, double the customer satisfaction, and 25 percent higher profits than organizations with a bottom-quartile employee experience. Keeping your finger on the pulse of these experiences is essential and critical to managing and driving performance. 

Why employee engagement is more important than ever in 2020

It’s more critical than ever to regularly tap into employee experiences. We have all gone through unprecedented shifts to our work models. Now that most of our people are working remotely, how have their perceptions changed? Do your people feel that they are currently working in an inclusive work environment? How have they found the shift to remote working conditions? Are they getting the support that they need right now to do their best work? Are they feeling focussed and productive? 

Simply measuring and understanding these experiences is not enough. We need to actually listen and then act on this feedback. 

The challenge lies in converting the insights you uncover into tangible, meaningful, and timely actions to show that you’ve been listening. Employees who feel they are being listened to are far more likely to stay with the company and remain motivated to succeed. Feeling heard, then, is critical.

Leveraging survey results to improve employee experiences

“It’s really important to take action with your survey results,” cautions Libby. Acting on the feedback you collect can take many forms, so here are some tips to help you. 

To start with, conduct a company or team-wide survey, asking the key questions that you want to learn more about. The results of this survey may help identify some areas where a shorter, more contextualized survey might be helpful. For example, your survey results might identify some employee concerns around diversity and inclusion, warranting a follow-up survey that can dig a little deeper into the root causes for these concerns and how the company can go about addressing them. 

You might also identify a need for things like focus groups, one-on-ones, or other ways of addressing the concerns raised in a survey. A recurring theme that we are seeing with our clients presently is a greater focus on employee mental health — checking in to see how people are adjusting. Some may be feeling lost or out of touch after the shift to remote work. Addressing a few of these factors may have a huge impact on employee experience. 

Taking employee insights into action with 7Geese’s Feedback tool

Within 7Geese, the Feedback feature allows companies and individuals to collect feedback. Individuals have always been able to create surveys to collect feedback on their work, for example using a 360 degree feedback survey. We’ve made some recent adjustments to the team and company feedback tools, allowing companies to check the pulse of their entire organizations and enable better employee engagement. 

A large library of templates (built using the known industry best practices) will help you get started. You can use one of the existing templates, make edits as needed, or even start from scratch with your own. Questions can be multiple-choice, numbered scales, or open-ended. 

Existing frameworks like an eNPS (employee net promoter score) can be extremely helpful if you don’t know where to start, or you’re looking to establish some benchmarks that you can measure over time. The tool allows you to make the surveys anonymous, and even to follow-up without revealing the identity of the staff member, if that anonymity is preferred. A manager having the ability to follow-up on employee surveys without identifying the employee can be a powerful way to collect more honest and candid feedback. Anonymity does not come at the cost of the conversation.

Learn more about 7Geese’s Feedback tool and team surveys feature

Investing in the well-being of your employees can have an outsized impact on individual and company performance. At 7Geese, understanding how best practices in performance management and employee engagement can affect productivity is our primary focus. 

If you’d like to take a closer look at how to use surveys within 7Geese, watch the entire webinar where we provide an in-depth tour.  If you want to find out how 7Geese can help your company specifically, schedule a demo of 7Geese and we will show you what’s possible.

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