Make your team members proud to live organizational core values.

Frequent, timely, and peer-initiated recognition linked to core values strengthens your organizational culture.
Anyone can recognize anyone.

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Create a positive environment through peer-driven recognition.

When admiration and respect are peer-driven, teams develop understanding of the behaviours expected from them while creating a positive environment.

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Go beyond the generic "thank you."

Learn what motivates different teams.

Don't just make it about the big wins - celebrate every achievement. Whether you're 3 or 300, having behaviour-based recognition encourages collaboration.

Tie appreciation to something deeper.

Appreciation is most effective when it is based on behaviours related to core values. Real-time recognition enable teams to live core values day-to-day.

Appreciation shouldn't just occur behind closed doors.

When recognition happens in public, everyone feels connected to the bigger picture. By making appreciation social, you're promoting core values both externally and internally.

Gauge the strength of your organizational culture.

Easily identify which values your team members embody. Find out which core values are not being exhibited and take proactive measures to strengthen your culture.

Build a recognition program representing your culture and organizational values.

Become a strategic HR leader and proactively stay ahead of the curve by developing a recognition program based on your core values. Team members that feel appreciated and recognized are more likely to stay engaged, improving retention.

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