Create a culture of coaching that embraces continuous improvement.

Traditional performance reviews treat coaching and feedback as annual events. Instead, make feedback readily available in your organization and enable team members to get the coaching they need to succeed.

Identify weaknesses, focus on strengths, and accelerate team growth.

Improve results by enabling real-time feedback as team members work on objectives. Continuous feedback and coaching embody a supportive, respectful culture where there is always opportunity for improvement.

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Develop a team of leaders.

Make it an ongoing process, not an event.

Since feedback and coaching is constantly taking place, everyone is encouraged to focus on improvement at all times, rather than only for few weeks prior to their review.

Never lose track of your discussions.

A living, real-time record of accomplishments, coaching conversations, and feedback empowers self-awareness and is always available for reference.

Simplify coaching conversations.

Prep for 1-on-1s, focus on person-to-person conversation and mentorship, easily follow-up with action items, and identify opportunities for growth.

Create a supportive atmosphere.

Focusing on continuous development rather than ratings and rankings establishes an environment aimed at improvement and learning.

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