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Exploring company culture and its role in performance reviews

Ask the Expert with Ashleigh Myerscough — Episode 21

Ashleigh Myerscough, Senior Performance Coach at 7Geese answers your questions about human resources and people management during the pandemic. 

Q: To what extent should culture be considered in performance reviews?

A: From our perspective here at 7Geese, culture deserves a lot of consideration in performance reviews. A good review is focused on performance outcomes, not just performance outputs. How a team member achieves their goals should reflect the culture of the organization and the core values. 

A good example of this would be an extremely high achieving team member, who nobody wants to work with. They don’t reflect the core values of the team, therefore they’re not as welcome and collaborative. Their attitude and lack of cooperation will have a negative impact on the overall team’s success. Including this input in that person’s review will help them see the areas they need to improve. Having the core values to fall back on will help you highlight some specifics that they can understand. 

Your core values determine your culture 

The way a team member shows up day-to-day is an important thing to include in their performance review. It will provide a wider lens on their performance as a whole, which will lead to more growth opportunities. 

Ensure your core values truly represent the culture of your organization and what you want it to be. Recognize your team members for their contributions to culture so that those behaviors continue to push your organization in the direction you want it to go. 

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Ashleigh Myerscough

Senior Performance Coach at 7Geese