Ensuring employees receives the feedback they need

Stone Temple has been making their mark in the marketing consultancy space since 2002.

At that time, the idea of a matrix-structure company with no direct managers left everyone with questions.

But there was no doubt in the mind of COO, Elizabeth Dill, that this was the best model for Stone Temple moving forward, and CEO Eric Enge was game to try it.

Still, as a young company, Stone Temple wanted to put processes in place to ensure employees were giving and receiving the feedback they needed.

To do this, Stone Temple adopted the use of 7Geese to facilitate feedback and 1-on-1s.

Fostering a culture of regular feedback

Feedback and 1-on-1s are some of the most important productivity tools for growing teams.

That’s why Stone Temple felt it was important to lead the feedback process from the top.

Kami Hess, VP of People Development, tells us:

“Our CEO has set a target for himself to make sure to give at least 5 pieces of feedback a month to employees—and the COO has a similar target.”

It was a matter of embarking on the new feedback process together.

Because the leadership team was able to set a great example, it was not long before employees started adopting the frequent use of 7Geese Feedback and 1-on-1s.

Today, all employees are able to give and receive feedback in stridemany setting feedback targets themselves.

In fact, Kami shares just how well 7Geese Feedback has been baked into their culture:

“We are huge fans of 7Geese and are also at a really crucial point where we’ve turned the corner, just in the last six months. We just had a meeting with a senior consultant this morning and he was giving me feedback on one of our junior employees, stopped himself and said, ‘Don’t worry! I’m also going to put this all in 7Geese for her’.”

Engaging employees with recognition

In order to engage employees with their feedback process, Stone Temple decided to reward with recognition.

“Employees are rewarded for how often they give feedback to others.”

They call it the Golden Goose Award.

It’s a prize that is awarded to a new employee on a quarterly basis at Stone Temple.

Each month a member of their team is drawn from a list of top 10 most engaged on 7Geese.

Kami explains that just the other day she contacted an employee working remotely from Mississippi to send the Golden Goose Award back to their headquarters and was met with the response: “No!”.

Since its introduction, the Golden Goose Award has become a fun part of Stone Temple’s culture but most importantly, helped to engage employees to participate in regular feedback.

Feedback is for everyone

Stone Temple continues to encourage everyone to engage in the feedback process because it ultimately helps them improve.

Introducing a strong feedback process and scheduled 1-on-1s provides open opportunities for employees that might otherwise be too intimidated to request feedback.

At the end of the day, they believe it’s a matter of everyone taking responsibility for their performance and requesting feedback.

As Kami says, “the sky’s the limit with feedback—ask for and give as much as you want.”