How 7Geese Helps SnapLogic Recognize their Employees and Better Achieve Goals

In 2013 SnapLogic was going through a period of transition. Rolling out a completely new elastic integration platform that had been developed over the previous 2-3 years, the company sought to align everyone around the launch of the new technology. With many new members of the team, they were growing in new and different directions and it had become difficult to connect all their employees to a common goal as well as each other. The management team at SnapLogic was also looking to to find meaningful ways to recognize its hardworking employees.

“We are well aware the role that recognition plays in employee retention. Our employees need more than just a pat on the back, they need real tangible recognition of their extra effort. 7Geese helps us achieve this.”

— Darren Cunningham, VP of Marketing at SnapLogic.

The Solution

A few members of SnapLogic’s research and development team joined the company from Google, who previously achieved some ambitious goals based on a goal setting process called OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). After deciding to use this goal setting system themselves, SnapLogic needed a tool to facilitate it. This is how they discovered 7Geese, a social performance management platform for continuous feedback, coaching, goal tracking, and recognition.

7Geese provided Snaplogic with a platform to set qualitative goals and quantitative key results. This helped them focus better, achieve quicker results, and improve communication and clarity within their organization.

“We wanted a tool that provided more than just a goal setting platform. We needed something that tied in our culture and people to the work they accomplish. We were lucky to find this with 7Geese.”

Recognizing their (Snap)Stars

Like a lot of successful companies, SnapLogic knows their people are the number one resource.

“We could set all the goals in the world, but if our people aren’t excited about their work, or feel connected to SnapLogic, they are never going to achieve their objectives,” added Darren.

To accomplish this, SnapLogic created a unique recognition program, called SnapStar. The program allows employees to ‘give away’ one SnapStar a month to a colleague in recognition of success and achievement. They do this by using the Recognition Center on the 7Geese platform. Employees are awarded a $100 bonus for every SnapStar they receive.

Having a recognition program with a platform to support it helped SnapLogic create an environment of positive feedback, and acknowledgment of hard work which extends far beyond instant gratification.

SnapStar is more than just a program, it’s also one of several of SnapLogic’s core values. Other ones include Go Getter, Sales Hero, Positive Attitude, Customer Success, and Teamwork. In fact, thanks to the Recognition Center on the 7Geese platform, employees can tie any one of the company’s core values to recognize another employee.

By relating work to core values, 7Geese is helping SnapLogic not only recognize their employees, but also helping them live their core values–something very few companies do successfully. Furthermore, engaged and recognized employees are more likely to achieve their objectives and deliver results.

Simple RollOut

SnapLogic never had to worry about getting employees to use 7Geese. It took only a few days to rollout 7Geese to the entire company.

“The simple design of 7Geese and the intuitive design made my job easier, and because it went viral internally, we never had to worry about pushing employees to use it. It was something people wanted to use, and saw value in from the beginning,” said Darren.