The SET team isn’t just setting up families for success, they’re setting up each other.

The Strategic Education Technologies team has four offices located in various states and cities, with no shared network drive and an aggressively scaling team. As a result of this growth, communication became complex. Having weekly meetings across the leadership teams was now becoming time-consuming and daunting when it came to providing team updates.

With lists of goals to share, check-ins to update each other on, and all the organizational planning that goes with it, they needed a solution that didn’t make meetings about sharing routine updates, but rather about understanding what the company as a whole was striving towards.

They were also experiencing setbacks when it came to updating the entire organization post-meetings with key takeaways, weekly initiative priority shifts, and overall team successes happening in other divisions.

Goals weren’t visible to everyone before, they were just written in documents or verbally communicated. Excel wasn’t transparent to everyone – it was unproductive.

Balancing goal-setting with talent management initiatives.

With the introduction of a new tool into their workflow, the biggest task was to find a solution where the entire team could balance goal-setting and recognition with talent management initiatives. This was especially important for their operational and human resources department, as transitioning to a technical solution can often be overwhelming and disruptive to the day-to-day with learning curves. They’ve just begun rolling out their continuous management initiatives within 7Geese, but had the most engagement success around starting these initiatives with their Recognition Program.

Before 7Geese they didn’t have an effective way to share updates on the day-to-day initiatives, provide feedback, or acknowledge teams across the country for a job well done. Now, other offices can see what other people do based on specific action-based behaviours tied to their core values that they may never otherwise have had. They’re strong advocates for a recognition program. It fosters a culture that embraces their values in every initiative. They have 10 guiding principles and use these as a foundation for their recognition program. Leverage 7Geese, they empower employees across the organization to recognize each other for demonstrating those beliefs in their work.

With a team of over 50 across their offices, 95% of team members have been recognized, with over 200 recognitions a quarter.  WIth numbers like this, SET can take the guess work out of how to connect their teams across the country. Now, those who may not otherwise have had reason to pick up the phone and talk to each other in another office have brought the organization closer and boosted their culture, together. For the organization, this has provided great insight on what others in the organization are doing to contribute to leadership initiatives. 

“We encourage and recognize that acknowledgement of a job well done can take on many forms, including in-person feedback.

Our goal is to foster the continuing efforts of recognition in all forms.”

 — Tanya Koons – SVP, Human Resources & Operations.

Measuring Success, transparently.

One of the biggest wins across the SET team is the visibility factor when it comes to priorities, day-to-day work, and organizational goals. Prior to the 7Geese cloud-based solution, goals were only discussed amongst leadership and weren’t transparently broadcast across the entire team. Documents or verbal discussions didn’t seem to be working. Now, with 7Geese the SET team can formally communicate and share weekly key initiatives, measure success, and close goals as they happen. All of this, while recognizing hard work and having continuous feedback discussions to constantly improve their processes. None of these processes occurred in a cross-functional, office-to-office manner since there was no central platform connecting initiatives. Being connected allows everyone on the team to work on improving internal challenges since they get to see how goals progress from creation to completion in real-time. 

We didn’t formally have a way to broadcast updates to all our staff before. Now, weekly key initiatives can be pushed and check-ins measured quantitatively. Before 7Geese we weren’t measuring and sharing our goals with metrics, but now we can.

 — Tanya Koons – SVP, Human Resources & Operation.