For the RTL XL team, OKRs translate wild visions into concrete measurable team goals

Daan’s team came across 7Geese when searching for a solution to track and align their efforts as a team working in an iterative product building environment. With goals being finetuned each quarter, staying in-tune with their product purpose and core values was important to keep their team high-performing. With insights and real-time progress that tracks continuously changing goals, the 7Geese solution forced the team to think through their strategy, priorities and discuss assumptions made in the past before moving forward.

With OKRs, the team stays aligned to purpose regardless of reiterating project priorities

The OKRs solution grounds and empowers the team behind contributions and business strategy. This becomes an all-time thing, not a once a year at an annual company strategy review. Daan’s team is continuously aligned with OKRs, so when a priority shift happens they aren’t blindly adopting a change, but discussing how this shift will impact current committed to goals.

Alignment of goals provides a clear sense of which priorities and projects are taking off, what needs to be re-prioritized, and what values are being upheld day-to-day throughout their work.

OKRs has enhanced their daily “staying in-sync” rituals

Prior to adopting OKRs, the RTL team already had regular goal checks through regular off-site visits, team stand-ups, and TGIF’s to align and involve everyone in product launches and challenges. However, Daan, Manager of the RTL XL branch of RTL Nederland notes, “it is hard to follow up with everything in these meetings big or small when caught in other more pressing daily business.

“We mainly used 7Geese to translate our wild visions into concrete, measurable goals.

Our company (broadcasting) is in transition and we need to quickly adept and make changes to our strategy and products.”

 — Daan de Lange, Head of RTL XL (video-on-demand)


With 7Geese, Daan’s team set goals for ideas and projects and measures them weekly with a regular check-in cadence. Before adopting OKRs these weekly check-ins weren’t as obvious. Revenue metrics, project challenges, and new priorities were always reviewed, but for the team’s rapidly growing product it wasn’t just about the end result.

While check-ins are beneficial, as a small team what matters most for the teems is keeping each other up-to-date on a daily basis. 7Geese really makes it very easy to align, see where everybody is at and what they’re working towards, and aligning the team beyond a common goal.

— Daan

With a solution that stores previous reflections and projects’ progress, Daan’s team can build out not just new product, but each other

For Daan’s team, they wanted to capture a holistic overview of progress, which is now possible day-over-day, through to quarter-over-quarter with OKRs and 7Geese. With a goal-tracking solution that offers a retrospective reflection back on ambitions, purpose, and project progress with the ease of simply clicking a button, the team can reflect on their personal effectiveness and project management, growing their skill set alongside their product. Everyone on the team stays in-sync with the business, but also with their own growth.