Radian drives a culture of employee improvement with digital transformation.

Since its beginnings, Radian relied on conducting performance reviews on paper to bridge the gap between teams that were not working cross-functionally.

This not only took away a tremendous amount of time and resources from Radian but didn’t align well with their strategic initiatives that required creating cross-functional and collaborative teams.

The growing pains of teams and departments working in silos were becoming more evident with each performance review cycle.

Radian realized they not only needed a more efficient performance reviews process but an internal digital transformation to connect teams and document progress.

That’s why Radian spearheaded their largest internal digital transformation to date.

Starting with the toughest challenge.

Prior to embarking on their digital transformation, Radian was conducting annual performance reviews on paper.

Needless to say, this took a tremendous amount of time and resources.

Not to mention paper performance reviews relied heavily on memory because of incomplete information and lack of performance documentation.

All of these things pose the potential risk of recency bias which can result in inaccurate performance reviews.

On top of all this, Radian wanted to drive a culture of improvement and understood that employees needed to receive feedback on performance more than once a year in order to improve.

It became clear there was a need to improve the way information was being collected for performance reviews and thus, making the process more efficient.

Implementing what employees need to improve.

The implementation of Radian’s reinvented performance management process involved project leads, human resources, and senior leadership (including a Director of Transformation).

For Claire Harding, Amy Johnson and the team of organizational transformation experts, it was crucial to gather these important stakeholders to ensure everyone was on the same page.

Nothing is more confusing than receiving different communication from management regarding changes in the company.

To avoid this, Claire and team ensured unified communication of the change management from initial implementation.

By hosting a number of training sessions with employees throughout the implementation process, Radian was able to ask for feedback from employees—both formal and informal. Because after all, the intention was to implement a tool that would ultimately help their employees develop a mindset of improvement.

To better formalize and reiterate the training, Radian took it upon themselves to build out internal user guides as a resource for their employees.

With implementation happening quickly, employees were able to understand the strategic operational plan and kickstart setting their objectives.

The progression of implementing 7Geese has allowed Radian to tap into the progress of OKRs and timeliness of targets being met. Since this information became available, Radian has been able to enjoy leveraging 1-on-1s to help managers coach employees for quality performance.

Driving a culture of improvement with digitally documented feedback.

Since implementing 7Geese into their performance management process, Radian’s management has been able to effectively track employee progress, obtain employee feedback and best of all, automate performance documentation.

No longer will managers have to scramble to recollect how their employees performed over the quarter or year.

7Geese serves as a platform that facilitates performance tracking not only with objective check-ins but also 1-on-1 meetings – so performance reviews can be facilitated easily as required.

But most importantly, this leap in Radian’s digital transformation has instilled tremendous confidence their employees have in their internal processes.

In a matter of just 9 months since the organizational transformation team implemented 7Geese, employees are 50% more confident in their ability to facilitate 1-on-1s.

Radian’s reinvented performance management processes have directly benefited employee success by taking into consideration their employees needs to gain more frequent feedback and more efficient performance reviews.

Driving a culture of improvement with the help of a digital tool makes recognizing high performers better and faster than ever before.