Team member alignment and core values

Prognos is a mission and values­ driven organization and it takes its core values seriously. Prognos needed a way to enable its employees to give and receive recognition based on core values. It also needed a way to measure how aligned employees are with each of the company core values.

7Geese enables employees at Prognos to recognize each other by giving recognition badges that represent each of Prognos’ core values. Prognos uses the 7Geese recognition center to identify which employees have been most recognized for each of its core values every quarter. Prognos then gives those employees further recognition and rewards at the end of the quarter.

Tracking Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Prognos had an existing objective-setting and scorecards process to drive performance. However, the process was not transparent where employees could see what others are held accountable for. It needed a solution to make the objectives setting process simpler and visible throughout the organization.

Prognos decided to employ the OKRs process and use 7Geese to track its objectives. 7Geese enables Prognos to align employee objectives to the company objectives to drive performance. The social component of 7Geese makes objectives transparent and visible throughout the company. This helps to increase employee engagement and enablesPrognos to increase its performance continuously and course ­correct rapidly if certain objectives are falling behind.

“We use 7Geese to manage the Objectives and Key Results for our organization. It creates transparency and clear accountability around our goals and our performance. 7Geese also helps us strengthen our culture by reinforcing our core values and enabling us to recognize the people that best exemplify them.”

— Sundeep Bhan, CEO

Prognos is a fast-growing company and needs a people directory and a way to visualize the reporting structure.

7Geese Org Chart enables Prognos employees to gain visibility to the reporting structure in an interactive way. 7Geese is also very easy for the administrators to maintain Prognos’ organization structure changes and expands.