At Nearsoft, embracing a culture of experimentation is a no brainer.

True to their culture of experimentation and breaking traditional boundaries through bold and audacious goals, Nearsoft was looking for an innovative cloud-based solution to help them with rapidly changing priorities and expansion of their team through various offices. First and foremost, they wanted to ensure the vision of the workplace as light, fresh, and fun wasn’t lost along the way.

Embodying a culture where experiences are designed to lead to internal growth is one of the team’s top priorities. Recognizing the necessity for not only a scalable business plan, but a plan that included this vision of growth led to the adoption of goal-tracking with OKRs. OKRs complemented their vision of motivating self-managed teams to work and do great things for the organization.

“We know that we are all busy with our “real work,” but we needed to go the extra mile and do this right. In the end, as an individual, it will help each of us grow and, as a team, we’d be that much more likely to meet our strategic goals.”

Julio Gonzalez, VP of Operations.

A hierarchy of goals, not people.

Nearsoft took their vision of a workplace that brings together everyone’s efforts and through the implementation of 7Geese, translated it into that of scaling a strategic, operational business.  They recognized everyone has a contribution to make in organizational well-being. Contributions that are big, bold, and impactful, no matter how small are all important. Showcasing the mentality of togetherness came a reality through 7Geese.

When getting started with OKRs, they were united under the same purpose. Whether it was gathering feedback or tracking what their satellite offices are up to on the daily, communication of priorities and staying in touch no longer became an issue. Bottom line? Nearsoft uses 7Geese to innovate how they implement ideas quickly and embrace change. They also use it to stay connected – after all, being fun and collaborative is their mission.


For Nearsoft, it’s about how they can keep track of all the extra contributions that each team does outside their day-to-day job descriptions and ensure these efforts are celebrated and eventually reward, not forgotten or unvalued.

One of the biggest contributions to the successful introduction of OKRs throughout the team was the choice to organically allow each employee to adopt the platform. 7Geese was implemented as an integrated solution. Conversations took place at the team level about what was most important.

They needed a platform where all teams could feel supported by each other and organically celebrate efforts, no matter where in the world they were. There were no out-of-the-blue ‘this is how it is so deal with it‘ surprises. Collaborative decision making and taking the time to converse about the needs of everyone on how 7Geese could effectively tackle those needs came first.

This meant that it took a bit longer to introduce an organizational-wide process change, but it also meant it was done right.

94% of our team are now onboard with OKRs – This is just the beginning of our story, but the two things that will always remain is allowing this process to be honest and organic.

“The OKRs process within 7Geese gave us an easy way to understand what people are doing and a simple way that maybe wouldn’t get developers worked up with keeping another list”

Jorge Symonds, Brand Manager.

The team is so excited about their new goal-tracking changes they have blogged about it too! Read more about how Nearsoft is perfecting their OKRs and the process they’re taking to get there.