iflix drives culture of radical transparency with weekly feedback.

iflix, founded in May 2015, is a Netflix-like company providing streaming services in over 19 countries—recently making headlines with its new round of $133 million in funding.

Since the humble beginnings of this Asia-based startup, iflix has grown to over 680 employees, a team that has landed partnerships with premium brands like Disney.

But building a culture of radical transparency hasn’t always been easy for a growing team with offices on 4 continents. When it comes to developing an entertainment service for emerging markets, iflix believes strongly in putting company culture at its core.

That’s why Robert St-Jacques, Global Human Resources Director of iflix, decided to spearhead a plan that would help iflix overcome the challenges of geographical spread—including misaligned communication and culture disparities.

As of January 2017, iflix has been streamlining employee feedback as part of a weekly cycle that also encourages employees to recognize the efforts of one another.

Having previously conducted quarterly performance reviews, Robert tells us that having transparent objectives and weekly feedback has provided a “higher level of fluidity for iflix’s internal processes”. The ability to make data-driven and real-time decisions with new weekly data complemented the speed at which iflix was growing.

Starting with the problem.

iflix kicked off their journey to radical transparency by being transparent with their employees. Or as Robert put it, “being clear we’re all in this together.”

As such, iflix asked their employees one question:

“What can iflix do to make you more successful?”

For Robert, the consensus was clear by end of this exercise. Employees wanted to know what their direct managers were working on, as well as the overall direction of the company. They also wanted more opportunities to obtain feedback outside of quarterly reviews.

Implementing what employees want.

When implementing the weekly feedback model, iflix faced the common employee question of “what’s in it for me?”

For Robert, this was an easy question to answer as he refers back to the employee input he had received prior to implementation. Employees now had the feedback opportunities they previously asked for.

So the change management to implement a weekly feedback model proved to be simple for iflix. Robert credits this success to “listening to employees and having the data to drive implementation”.

For iflix, transparent objectives and weekly feedback isn’t about tracking employees but rather providing a tool for self-driven employees to grow, and understanding how their role impacts the company as a whole..

Using the 7Geese feedback feature removed any remaining ambiguity between employees, their managers and across global offices. This effectively reduced communication barriers that had previously impeded employees from obtaining feedback as fast as iflix was growing.

With consistent weekly feedback delivered in real-time, iflix has enjoyed leveraging the full benefits of having a truly transparent company culture. Collecting up-to-date data for better analysis to help progress employees move up through the organization.

Driving a culture of radical transparency with weekly feedback.

Since implementing the transparent objectives and weekly feedback model, iflix has strengthened employee engagement with their vision of radical transparency. In just 4 months, collaboration has improved between departments and employees have recognized their peers over 900 times.

Robert, speaking on how implementing weekly feedback has impacted employee success, notes that “all new processes require practice; iflix hires employees from different company cultures and feedback is a way to help integrate diverse individuals into a new company culture and the transparency ensures that all employees know the importance of their roles as we complete our product and process roadmaps”.