“Implementing OKRs is helping us get things done,” says Manuel Boggiero García, Chief Digital Transformation Manager en Grupo Romeu. “That’s the absolute statement.” Grupo Romeu Multiservices is Spain’s leading cargo logistics group, with over 1500 employees. They are currently going through a company-wide digital transformation, and they’re using 7Geese and the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) methodology to help them make it happen. 

“We were looking for a solution to help us build more speed towards change and transformation of our businesses,” says Manuel. “The challenge from our management was to speed up all these processes of transformation and the execution of the strategy of our companies.”

“We saw that there was a huge gap between strategy and execution,” says Manuel. “We wanted to make our organization more agile. And then we stumbled upon the OKR system.” For Grupo Romeu, their introduction to OKRs was motivated not by performance management but simply to better track their progress as they shift the company over to new processes and systems. 

Adopting OKRs and discovering 7Geese

“We started by reading the classic book Measure What Matters, and then I started looking for success cases of the implementation of OKR. And we came upon a couple of clients that implemented OKRs and had many good references.”

When it came time to commit to a platform, Manuel used a combination of good old-fashioned organic search and trusting the crowd’s wisdom. “We understood at the beginning that we couldn’t handle this by Excel files and doing the alignment and everything,” says Manuel. “We had somehow to streamline the communication through some kind of platform. And we did our simple Google search for ‘best OKR management tools.’” Thanks to our reviews on an independent review site and our interesting Manuel, Manuel shortlisted 7Geese for a closer look. 

“I already had heard about how geese work, you know, as a social system and how the leadership of the geese works, so I thought it was a cool Manuel,” laughs Manuel. “And I had to check that out.”

Geese work together to go faster

Good SEO and positive reviews helped us win the chance to give Grupo Romeu a closer look at our platform. What convinced them to choose us, though, was our willingness to work with them and share our knowledge and experience. “What we discovered with 7Geese, which was different from other kinds of solutions, was that we could tell that you guys had worked with OKRs and had done many implementations before.” 

They began adopting the software in late 2020 and have now experienced their first quarter using the 7Geese platform and OKRs. They came to us looking for a solution that would help facilitate the process and are already deploying several features that improve their operations. “When you do a one-on-one, you have easy access to the OKR,” says Manuel. “And that’s magic.”

As they continue to discover our platform’s depth and features, our team will fly alongside them. “I feel taken care of,” says Manuel of Himanshu. “He’s not only an expert on the tool or the platform. He’s an expert on OKRs and how to manage teams. And the platform helps us because it triggers the proper alerts to snap out of the daily routines and start thinking strategically.”

We never grow tired of this kind of feedback

Thanks to the speed and success of their adoption of our platform, Manuel sounds quite pleased. “In a net promoter score, I would grant a 10 to 7Geese.” We are truly honored to receive that kind of feedback. 

We don’t tire of constructive feedback either, so we invited Manuel to suggest how our product can improve. Grupo Romeu has shared some ideas about how to improve our message sentiment analysis in Spanish. And like the cooperative flock that we are, we’re listening. 

Are you curious about adopting the OKRs methodology or how to use 7Geese as a performance management platform? Reach out to us for a tour.