At FullContact, keeping their customers in sync is as equal a priority as keeping their team connected

FullContact, having since doubled in the past year, was eager to introduce a light-weight performance management and feedback process to achieve organizational alignment. Amongst an already high performing team, their main focus was on keeping an already good rhythm going as they scaled.

With a growing business model where different functional teams were developing and mapping priorities at different rates, it was top priority to align everyone behind common organizational objectives to empower achievement in unison.

With an aggressively growing agenda in social connectivity, internally the agenda to keep an equally connected team simultaneously grew.Putting strategy ahead of technology, an important component and assessment piece when selecting a tool was how well it could empower teams to work together, creatively. 

7Geese was brought onboard to facilitate the introduction of a cloud-based resource that supported visualize alignment of project and objective outcomes. The goal was to unify everyone to their organizational vision, while still retaining and encouraging their creative get-things-done environment.

“OKRs goal-tracking has provided clarity on expectations for teams quarter-to-quarter. Everyone is on the same page.”


Bart Lorang, CEO and Founder.

With 7Geese the FullContact team can eliminate the guesswork commonly associated with who is doing what. Now, there is clarity on expectations every quarter regardless of what an individual’s role is in the team. No one is silo’d and conversations have transitioned from jobs to be done to outcomes to be achieved.

This small frame of reference change has had a big impact on teams working in unison, collaboratively. With the common goal of high performance, conversations are about leveraging skills, not fulfilling job roles.

Uniting together using 7Geese to track their objectives and key results, the FullContact team has enforced habits and routines around how to achieve their mission of solving the world’s contact information problem.

OKRs alignment is a detail-oriented and precision process that keeps everyone well aligned – with the visibility of organizational priorities on 7Geese, no-one is aligning objectives in the wrong places.

Bart Lorang, CEO and Founder

With a vision of keeping the world in sync, one important foundation to their success with OKRs is their organization follows a weekly cadence. Everyone on the team checks into their progress at the end of the week. As a result, there’s a continuous iteration process where alignment is reviewed and corrected if needed. It also helps keep their culture fun and fresh. When conversations about growth become habit, culture and happiness become a habitual priority.