Accountability isn’t just a one-time thing for Fluencia—it’s an everyday, ongoing habit

In September 2013, the team behind—an online, bilingual dictionary with tens of millions of users in nearly 200 countries—launched the Spanish learning platform Fluencia. The new product signaled an aggressive business agenda and led to rapid growth: from four employees in 2012, the company now has more than 20. Revenue, visibility, and ambitions were on the rise.

The sudden growth of the company and its workforce, though, wasn’t without its challenges. The CEO no longer had the capacity to continue to personally manage everyone’s professional and personal growth. There was no formal review process in place. Google docs were used to list out goals, but the owners of those goals were unclear and tracking day-to-day progress was difficult. There was also little sense of ownership and accountability over personal goals, only organizational objectives.

The lack of accountability for personal goal completion, as well as a lack of focus on a culture of coaching, led to some frustration. It became clear that processes, routines, and strong habits had to become a top priority.

So the Fluencia team took their outward focus—helping people grow—and made it an internal mission. Having a streamlined way to facilitate feedback became extremely important. The company began the search for a “one-stop-shop” tool that it could implement to empower team members to provide feedback, set and track ambitious professional and personal goals, and have coaching conversations. This is where they found 7Geese.

The capacity to grow everyone

After getting started with 7Geese, Fluencia was able to eliminate administrative guesswork with a clear, visually defined management structure. An important process that they’ve been able to build into their management habits is monthly 1-on-1s geared toward tracking and analyzing the progress on personal and organizational quarterly goals. 7Geese acts as a real-time, continuous hub where notes from previous conversations can be easily reviewed, being actionable instead of just stacked in a filing cabinet.

In 7Geese, the facilitator for 1-on-1s is clearly defined as your manager. For Fluencia, this takes the administrative headache out of monthly check-ins.

For Fluencia, setting quarterly team goals has always been a no-brainer, but the team had never focused on setting personal professional development goals.

“As the company continues to grow, 7Geese serves as a one-stop-shop, making performance management of the team much more efficient and organized.

The formal review and goal tracking processes that 7Geese supports ensure personal and team accountability each quarter. We also spend more time each month reflecting on professional development goals, enabling each team member to focus on their long-term professional growth and career trajectory.”

 — Ali Zelek, Product Growth Lead

Growing skill sets have instilled a sense of community and collaboration across the company. With 7Geese, they now have a way to visualize these conversations, truly making collaboration a priority. Since they don’t have to worry about tracking or measuring the administrative side of things, they can constantly look at ways to improve internal processes, which helps them retain top-tier talent. From retreats to Costa Rica to career trajectory 1-on-1s, next steps are always on the table.

Personal effectiveness means professional success

7Geese empowers the Fluencia team to spend time reflecting on long-term professional growth and career trajectory. Having feedback and recognition housed in the same platform also encourages interactions beyond an individual’s direct team or manager. Face-to-face recognition isn’t discounted, but now nothing is forgotten. There’s a sense of immediacy around the habit of acknowledgement that, for Fluencia, has further fostered a culture of individual and corporate growth.

7Geese has facilitated the growth of a good habit: personal accountability

As a result of making accountability a habit, the Content team has established a 360-degree feedback process that has resulted in every person on the team being engaged with perspective sharing. It’s encouraged a platform where everyone can provide input without the pressure of trying to be heard in a restricted, time-sensitive meeting.

“7Geese allowed our department to engage in 360-degree feedback in a forum completely stripped of any awkwardness or punch-pulling.

There was definitely some confirmation of what each person considered their own strengths and weaknesses, but there were also some eye-opening insights for everyone from their colleagues that might not have been gleaned in any other way. I think everyone came away feeling challenged, certainly, but also validated where their own unique contribution to the department was concerned.”

 — Eliezer D. Gonzalez, Digital Content Creator

Acting as a repository of past accomplishments and a real-time progress tracker, 7Geese allows Fluencia to reflect on past successes (and near misses) while planning effectively for the future.