ClearScore fosters a culture of feedback with simple 1-on-1s

ClearScore, one of UK’s fastest growing FinTech companies, has been in the credit checking business for 3 years.

Since ClearScore’s beginnings, CEO Justin Basini knew there was a need for a strong performance management process to be put in place.

That’s why ClearScore devised a plan to operate on a bi-annual performance reviews system.

But building out an effective performance management process hasn’t always been easy for a company that doubled in size in a matter of 2 years.

ClearScore was using a system that only permits managers to request feedback on behalf of their reports from peers. Needless to say, this made some employees uncomfortable and was misaligned with ClearScore’s principles and people strategy.

They needed a system that not only documented employee performance data in one place but something their employees would be comfortable using.

Empowering employees to initiate the performance conversation

When done right, feedback improves the performance and engagement of teams, builds confidence, drives development and promotes career mobility.

Studies have estimated that over 65% of employees crave bi-weekly feedback.

Because feedback is so essential, ClearScore could see the system that only allowed for managers to request feedback was too limiting and created unnecessary dissatisfaction among employees.

It was time to nurture employee growth by giving employees the ability to ask for feedback on their own terms.

Since implementing 7Geese, both managers and employees have been able to initiate a feedback process within the system when necessary.

To make the feedback process even more efficient, ClearScore employees are able to conceptualize and pull in employee data from objectives, feedback, 1-on-1s and employee recognition within 7Geese.

Implementing an easy and seamless performance review process

The fact that ClearScore can now easily conceptualize and compile performance data for feedback means the same can be done for performance reviews.

So in order to save time and increase efficiency, ClearScore decided to facilitate and manage their performance reviews process with the 7Geese 1-on-1 feature in June 2017.

“It made the world of difference and completely transformed [the performance review process]”, according to Lily Windebank.

Because employees were already comfortable with feedback and using the system to obtain it, facilitating the performance reviews process was easy to understand.

In fact, employees became more motivated to find out where they stood performance-wise and appreciated their managers for doing so.

But this was only the beginning of ClearScore’s reinvented performance management process.

In December 2017, they began to conduct performance reviews within 7Geese’s new reviews feature.

Lily notes that, CEO Justin Basini was particularly, “…impressed with the system and how it works, from the performance management side of it to drawing info into place for one person, linking feedback, and comments, 1-on-1s…it made the process so much smoother”.

With ClearScore quickly growing towards the 200 employee mark, using 7Geese reviews has made it easy and seamless to calculate performance scores, input forced distribution and facilitate merit bonuses or salary increases as managers see fit.

Driving high growth and performance with regular feedback

Being in high growth mode, ClearScore continues to drive performance with regular feedback and simple bi-annual performance reviews within 7Geese.

With every performance review cycle, they incorporate more members into their process as seamlessly as the last.

Just like their process, their rating scale is nothing short of the original. Employees are rated on various performance targets with one of the following: “raise your game”, “on the up”, “on the great ground”, “looking bright” and best yet, “soaring high”.

As ClearScore continues to grow, they are focusing their efforts on improving performance management processes in order to seamlessly move on an upward trajectory of high-performance without the confusion of missing feedback.