Appster embraces a culture where anyone’s ideas can come to life, and where everyone is participating in building a great company

Joining the 7Geese flock in July, 2014, the team at Appster was looking for a tool that could support their collaborative culture and bring alignment to their global team. With the team spread between three time zones across Australia, the United States, and India, it was important to keep everyone in-sync to maintain an engaging, high–performing culture. As the team’s global presence grew, cascading objectives and priorities was top of mind for co-CEO Josiah Humphrey.

Having transparent communication with the right OKRs tracking system was important for Josiah and the team to continue to effectively manage and maintain quarterly-through-yearly objectives. The drive for maintaining a collaborative, aligned team led Josiah to 7Geese.

“7Geese acts as a transparent hub where we can look where people are at, ask questions, dig deeper, and execute quickly to be more on-top of things from an execution standpoint.”

Josiah Humphrey, co-CEO.

What 7Geese brings to Appster’s OKR process is employee empowerment – empowerment for everyone to start thinking and making decisions in a metric-driven manner. Appster adopted OKRs into the team’s day-to-day to drive high-performance and further their culture where everyone is a stakeholder in company growth.

At Appster alignment isn’t just an action, but a value embedded in their culture

Appster’s culture of self-ownership over business success, paired with strategies aligned to objectives and key results,  creates a space that’s people-focused. This drives everyone to contribute to company growth with common outcomes in mind.

Using 7Geese to facilitate the team’s OKRs process has further embedded a culture of transparency. It’s not just about day-to-day jobs to be done, but building a collaborative company, where everyone’s a stakeholder in success. Everyone is empowered to bring their ideas to life quarter-over-quarter. Due to the metric-driven aspect of key results, team members can start thinking and making empowering decisions from day one.

This enables everyone on the team to be a stakeholder in shaping the business. As a result of encouraging self-management through the OKRs process, employee engagement and retention stays consistently high. With a direct connection to the direction of the company, everyone is empowered to create ideas and trackable ways of defining success – this creates a network of engaged employees who subsequently become leaders in their area of expertise.

“We found in the past, that was one of the main reasons people left their jobs — because they didn’t feel their individual job was contributing in a meaningful way.”

Mark McDonald, co-CEO. As cited in, How two Aussies made the next Apple

With offices around the world, OKRs help the team balance meetings and stay accountable to their objectives

Working across multiple time zones is a challenge, but because 7Geese facilitates alignment in the cloud, teams can report where they’re at without having to all be in a meeting at once. Transparent updates occur in real-time where everything is accessible by everyone, regardless of the time zone. This means decisions don’t have to wait on time zone differentials or get blocked by having to wait for a weekly meeting. Progress can be updated and roadblocks assessed without the presence of overhead. This moves priorities through effectively, helping the team overcome roadblocks faster.

With 7Geese, everyone can keep everyone else up-to-date in a more relevant, results driven manner. Working across multiple time zones, the collaborative aspect of OKRs keeps negative assumptions down, and real-time updates up.

OKRs has also strengthened employee engagement with the company vision at Appster. Josiah, speaking to how OKRs sync with their company culture, notes, “everyone can make an impact in a business, with the attitude of ‘hey if you have a passion about this, let’s track the measurable data and see if it’s something that will work.’