What makes us soar?

We're a simple bunch, but we hold ourselves to high standards! Here's a few key things that make us who we are today.

Good riddance traditional reviews!

7Geese was born in 2010 when we identified an opportunity to apply the real-time and continuous components of social media to goal-setting and performance management. Out with yearly evaluations and in with continuous coaching, recognition, and goal tracking! We are on a mission to challenge traditional management paradigms.

We're a happy team.

Our focus is on the people that make organizations tick. A happy team is an engaged team - we're living proof! We are constantly testing modern management paradigms to thrive without friction. Happiness and enjoying the journey is part of our secret growth syrup that's generated sustainable success!

We're a good mix of technology and ping-pong.

Every hardworking team isn't without their rough days. To let off a bit of steam and keep our motivational creativity flowing we like to engage in a friendly game of ping-pong or two. Part of our happiness is knowing when to have some fun!

Our Core Values


Having discipline, good habits, paying attention to detail, and pursuing excellence through your work.


Being enthusiastic, light-hearted, and optimistic.


Constantly learning, improving, and embracing personal development.

Meet the Geese - Yes, there are more than 7.

Team Member Team Member
Amin Palizban
Founder & CEO

Team Member Team Member
Numan Sachwani
Co-Founder & CTO

Team Member Team Member
Kevin Fales
Co-Founder & Lead Designer
Team Member Team Member
Tony Angerilli
Director, Engineering

Team Member Team Member
Wendy Pat Fong
Director, Customer Success
Team Member Team Member
Kendra Moroz
Director, Customer Engagement
Team Member Team Member
Max Parmentier
Lead UI Developer

Team Member Team Member
Kyle Valade

Team Member Team Member
Kevin Salter

Team Member Team Member
Jonas Trappenberg

Team Member Team Member
Christine Nathaniel
Customer Success Manager
Team Member Team Member
Eric Bell
Customer Success Coordinator
Team Member Team Member
Matthew Reeves
Director, Marketing


300-55 Water St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 1A1