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Boost employee engagement with people analytics

Frequent employee engagement surveys are a faster and simpler way to measure employee engagement in the workplace.

Rather than sending out one LONG engagement survey annually, choose to focus on areas that matter to your company and do it more frequently in shorter sprints.

Depending on the area of interest, you can assess engagement with targeted survey templates. At 7Geese, we have the following focus areas:

  • Core values
  • Alignment to company
  • Feedback
  • Recognition
  • Career development

By approaching employee engagement on a more frequent basis, and with a focus in mind, HR leaders can gain more specific insights on how employees feel about key areas of focus that need the most attention. HR leaders can then share these insights with direct managers. In this way, managers can come up with customized strategies to support their teams.

In the time it takes to obtain this engagement data, managers can be prepared to improve employee performance and their experience at work—all at the same time.

Provide people with analytics for internal programs

For most organizations, employees are the largest source of cost and potential for growth.

According to PwC, “effectively using people analytics to understand the workforce you have, the workforce you need and what will drive your people to perform can provide a significant commercial advantage.”

As long as metrics are set in place to measure the factors that impact employee engagement, people analytics can be drawn from a number of engagement surveys.

Your entire organization can benefit from the employee engagement survey data.

For example, if you out through an employee engagement survey that employees feel like they don’t get enough recognition from their managers for their accomplishments, this is a call for action.

Managers can then come together to see how they can make employees feel more valued at work.

After the meeting, the managers might realize public recognition is what the company really needs—but they might have never thought of this without the prompting of real-time data.

The reason these strategic internal decisions can be made on a timely basis is that you’re collecting information from employees and reviewing the data.

Gather feedback for your leadership team

A lot of the time, leadership or senior management don’t have a designated process to collect feedback and data from employees.

Similarly, employees might not be comfortable enough to share feedback publicly.

So an effective way to approach collecting quality employee feedback and data, in this case, can be employee engagement surveys.

Employee engagement surveys that are designed with the employee in mind, is going the extra mile to show employees the company wants to identify their needs.

Ultimately, quality employee engagement data will come from employees that understand the importance of their feedback and how it impacts the company.

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