3 minute read – Last updated: April 7, 2020

How your company can take off post-pandemic

Ask the Expert with Robert St-Jacques — Episode 1

Robert St-Jacques is our GM of Professional Services. With so much sudden change in people management and the shift to remote work, we thought we would have him answer the questions that seem to be most popular from our customers and partners.

Q: What should HR be focusing on now for our company to take off post-pandemic?

RSJ: I would say there are two areas that you can help your team focus on. The first one is actually focused. The second one is the alignment. 

Focus is ensuring that everybody in your organization is aware of and contributing to what really matters. What matters is going to be different in most businesses, but most of them should be focused on rescaling or upscaling the people in your organization that is not fully utilized. 

For example, if sales are slow, you can be moving salespeople into other departments. For example, if you’re a tech company, moving them into the product team to learn more about the product. When the sales start picking up again, they will have increased knowledge. I’ve heard other examples of where sales teams have been moved into customer success in order to help protect some of the current customer bases, gaining knowledge sitting in on customer calls, hearing their pain points and hearing their users’ cases. These are all valuable lessons and knowledge that can be used in the sales arena. 

In terms of helping your company focus, work with the organization to identify the three things that matter most. Everybody’s going to be focused on these three things and communicating those clearly.

The second piece we mentioned is alignment. In other words, it’s very clear the information that’s coming from leadership is clear. However, there needs to be an extra effort to clarify what individuals are working on and what is expected of their colleagues. Alignment isn’t just vertical alignment. It’s also horizontal or lateral alignment, ensuring that people, most of whom are no longer working in the same office, have clarity in terms of what is expected of them.

We continue to get questions about changes to the people management process and we will continue to feature Robert’s advice here on the 7Geese blog, to better inform how companies can continue to operate in their current circumstances.

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