7Geese’s Core Values: How We Finalize Our Core Values to Align With Our Business

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Last week, we finalized 7Geese’s core values after going through the process of realigning them to our existing business strategies. Our new core values truly reflect the company’s vision and our short term and long term objectives. They also represent 7Geese’s culture. Our core values is demonstrated through behaviours by our team members on a daily basis. More importantly, our core values will guide us as we expand our team. A good potential addition to the team will not only be in alignment with our core values, but also live the company’s culture. The process of realigning our existing core values and defining new ones was time consuming, but it was a rare opportunity for all of us to reflect on what we really want 7Geese to be. With more adoption of our product by companies who want to turn traditional performance management social, we want to make sure that we have set fundamental values for ourselves that reflect the essence of 7Geese.

Deciding on our final core values

After our last meeting, we had 10 core values that we thought aligned well with our vision and business strategies. For each of the core values, we thought of previous examples of when each of us demonstrated that core value. For example, we wanted to keep Fun as part of our core value. Max, our front-end developer, has organized summer BBQs for the team and Numan, our CTO, and myself have started a cooking competition at work. As a team, we feel like having a fun environment is fundamental to our business because we, not only want a workplace where we look forward to coming in, but also a workplace where we can be ourselves. By discussing the examples, we have a better understanding of the behaviours that show the core values. 7Geese’s recognition program is based on core values i.e. we recognize each other’s behaviours that are in line with what our fundamental values are. The process of finding examples for each value is valuable as we all have a better understanding how each of us, with our positions, can demonstrate behaviours aligned with our core values, making it easier for us to recognize each other.

We also distinguished between what would be considered a core value or an attribute. For example, we thought of having “Thinking At Scale” as our core value. As we are expanding quickly, our internal processes and our product need to be able to accommodate to companies with high number of users. However, after trying to find examples of how we can demonstrate behaviours aligned with that core value, we decided that “Thinking At Scale” is more of an attribute that we want each of us to have. Another one of other core values is “Entrepreneurial Spirit”. For us, to have an entrepreneurial spirit means that you will be thinking at scale because you will want to be proactive as your company grows. Hence, we put “Thinking At Scale” under “Entrepreneurial Spirit”.

What 7Geese Core Values are

We cut down our core values from 10 to 8 as we want to be as specific as possible so that we know 100% what we are held accountable for as a 7Geese team member and as a company.

High standards – 7Geese is dedicated to provide the best social performance management tool to its customers. We set a high standard for each of our feature as well as provide above average customer support. As a 7Geese member, each of us delivers high standard results to our individual objectives.

Growth – 7Geese is one of the few error-embracing companies I have worked for. We hold team meetings every week to discuss what we have learnt and what we would redo. It is an opportunity for each of us to share our achievements but also our mistakes so that we can learn from them and grow stronger. 7Geese also encourages self-development; each week, we have 2 learning hours where we can work on individual projects or learn more about our areas of expertise.

Innovation – We want to create an innovative way for companies to replace their traditional performance management systems. Our developers are constantly coming up with innovative features on how to help managers establish a system that employees love while still adding value to the organization.

Entrepreneurial Spirit – 7Geese is a self-managing company i.e. we are our own managers. Our CEO encourages each of us to take initiatives, make decisions, and lead projects that contribute to our organizational objectives. In other word, we are all CEOs of 7Geese; we treat the business like our own and ask ourselves “How can I make 7Geese better?”

Passion – 7Geese is passionate about revolutionizing performance management. When interviewing candidates, we always ask “What aspect of 7Geese are you passionate about?” We want team members who believe in our product and the company’s vision.

Fun – Bringing life to the company. 7Geese wants to provide a positive and engaging atmosphere to its team members. We encourage each of our team members to come up with great activities that involve the company. We want everyone to work hard while having fun.

Making It Happen – We want to be agile and to execute rapidly. We have a commitment to our users and we will do our best to provide what we promise meeting the high expectations and the time line.

Simplicity – 7Geese is dedicated to offer a solution that is simple and easy to use by all 7Geese adopters. We also want to keep a simple and lean internal processes. After applying the Hedgehog Concept to our business, we have decided not to make our business complex. We do not want to create layers of policies to separate us from our users.

Many managers do not see the value of going through the process of realigning their company’s core values with their business strategies. The benefits are not tangible; the metrics are not quantifiable. However, our team has grown closer and stronger by sharing where we see 7Geese in the long run. Having an aligned team creates higher engagement and ultimately higher productivity. We have now captured the essence of who we are. We are ready to reach our organizational objectives.

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