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7Geese releases manager-led 360 Feedback for better coaching

7Geese, the enterprise-wide performance management solutions provider has released a manager-led update to their 360 Feedback feature.

360 Feedback provides managers with the ability to get a full-width view of their direct reports without the hundreds of hours of manual work that traditionally would go into the process.

The new update was created for managers to gain wholistic feedback about their direct reports in order to have better coaching conversations.

Managers can now request feedback on behalf of all direct reports, curate the responses, and create shared reports that are the basis of a 360-degree coaching conversation.

Hussain Dhanani, Product Manager at 7Geese, shares his vision for this feature update:

“We’ve solved a problem most managers face when it comes to having access to the best information in order to have better coaching conversations: time. We’re so happy to be able to help managers take back hundreds of hours of precious time spent each year of manually collecting, documenting, and sharing peer feedback. There’s a better way, and it’s available now!”

Christine Nathaniel, Senior Talent Management Advisor at 7Geese details the value to 7Geese users:

“I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with customers that are spending countless hours trying to get the data they need to have better coaching conversations with their direct reports. Managers want to do better. 7Geese’s manager-led 360 Feedback helps them be better.”

With 7Geese 360 Feedback, managers increase team transparency with shared reports, grow through coaching and better engagement by having better conversations with their direct reports.

The path to having a better coaching conversation starts with one feedback survey. Just add your direct reports, add the responders who will provide feedback for each direct report, and that’s it.

To learn more and see manager-led 360 Feedback in action, please visit: 7Geese Feedback

May Chau

May is a Content Strategist contributing to the improvement of modern performance management at 7Geese. Connect with her via may@7geese.com