7Geese partners with Return Path to build the world’s first self-management people platform [Video]

July 19, 2013 - 3 minute read - Posted by

I’m very excited to announce our new partnership with Return Path. Read press release or watch the interview below to learn more about self-management and our new partnership with Return Path.

7Geese partners with Return Path to build the world’s first self-management people platform from 7Geese on Vimeo.

Interview with Angela Baldonero Sr Vice President, People and Client Success at Return Path from 7Geese on Vimeo.


Vancouver, Canada – July 19th, 2013

Vancouver-based 7Geese, a social performance management vendor for continuous feedback, coaching, recognition, and goals, has signed an agreement with NY-headquartered Return Path, a global leader in email intelligence, to build the world’s first performance management platform that is based on the principles of self-management.

“Many innovative organizations like Return Path are moving toward a more flat structure, where decision-making is pushed to the edges and bureaucracy is minimized. When there employees are empowered to make decisions, alignment and accountability become extremely important to make sure people are moving in the same direction. We have built 7Geese to address this growing need,” said Amin Palizban, 7Geese CEO. “This shift increases autonomy, mastery, and purpose in organizations, and we know that those are the keys to motivation and drive.“

“Return Path’s initiative to become a self-managed organization has reached a point where we need a technology solution to support our continuing evolution. We found in 7Geese a toolset that helps meet the unique management needs of a flattening organizational structure, but more important 7Geese has a vision and a product roadmap that aligns with our developing needs,” said Angela Baldonero, SVP, People and Client Success at Return Path. “Together we can build a platform that allows us to become a company where employees negotiate responsibilities with peers, rather than being controlled and told what to do from the top down.”

Over the next several months, 7Geese and Return Path will be working closely to build further functionality into 7Geese to support a self-management process where peers can define responsibilities, commit to goals, and provide continuous feedback to each other. 7Geese will also be building dashboards for leadership to monitor their people’s performance and provide direction and input when necessary.

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