7Geese: Major Updates Released for Objective Explorer

January 9, 2014 - 4 minute read - Posted by

Happy New Year to our 7Geese readers! The 7Geese team is all refreshed and ready to tackle 2014. I sat down with Amin, our CEO, today to announce our new release and also a quick preview of what 7Geese has in store for you. Here is a summary of the interview.

7Geese Objectives Alignment from 7Geese on Vimeo.

First feature release of the year

  • Enhancing our Objective Explorer to see alignment of objectives in an organization. It is the start of the year and all of our users are setting their objectives, we wanted to make the visualization of the alignment easier and clearer.

Why is alignment of objectives so important in organizations

  • Always has been important but it is taking a more crucial role now that more companies are moving towards a flat organizational structure.

  • Want to make sure that each individual and team is working towards the same goals.

  • As companies are growing bigger, communication becomes more difficult. Important to make sure that everyone is aligned. Also companies are becoming more agile. Therefore, if there is a switch in direction, everyone needs to be on board to work towards the new goals. Alignment makes sure that even with major changes, everyone is still on the same page.

How this new alignment visualization helps employees, managers, and the executive team

  • For employees, it creates a clearer line of sight on how they are making a direct impact for the organization. Allowing employees to know that their objectives are making an impact.

  • Managers get a better idea of what each of their direct reports is contributing to the bigger pictures. It allows them to better coach their team members on what to focus on.

  • Executive team can make sure that every member of the organization is moving towards the same direction in order to achieve success.

The idea behind alignment visualization

  • Our 7Geese users have been pretty impressed with our Objectives feature so far. They are all setting their objectives and key results well, using 7Geese to track them.

  • From our customers’ feedback and suggestions, they wanted to have a way to look at the bigger picture regarding how each objective is aligned.

  • To see how organization objectives cascade to team objectives, which then trickle down to personal objectives.

Here is a screen shot of how the visual alignment looks like:

New features for this new quarter

  • Super excited to introduce our first mobile app at the end of the quarter. It will allow all of our users to check in and track their objectives on their mobile devices.

  • We are also going to revamp our 1:1 coaching feature as well as the feedback feature taking into consideration our customers’ suggestions.

  • One more enhancement for the Objective feature is to help users create better OKRs cycle. We will allow companies to bucket their OKRs better every quarter or monthly.

The 7Geese team wants to thank all of our current customers for their support as we work towards making 7Geese the best social performance management platform. If you want to check out our new Objective Explorer, sign up with us at 7Geese.

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