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7Geese launches new features designed for companies to better retain talent and support employee career planning

7Geese is fulfilling its mission to help people grow and achieve more with the launch of their new set of talent management and career development features.

April 16, 2019, Vancouver, BC—7Geese, the enterprise-wide performance management solutions provider has released the following new features: People Analytics and Career Management & Growth Plans.

With the launch of these new features, managers and department leaders can now track flight risk of all direct reports, curate succession plans, create shared employee growth plans and have more career-focused coaching conversations.

People Analytics provides managers, department leaders and HR with a strong understanding of an individuals’’ next career move; be it within your team or beyond.

Career Management & Growth Plans delivers valuable feedback and personalized career coaching to direct reports by tailoring growth conversations relevant to their particular role and progression.

Matt Beckstead, Product Manager at 7Geese, shares his vision for these new features:

“More and more employees are looking for career development and growth in their current role. However, as their manager, it can sometimes be difficult to have these career and growth coaching conversations because there’s a lack of clarity around the types of skills, competencies or traits that someone needs to succeed in their specific role.

7Geese Career Management & Growth Plans empower employees to gain better role clarity. When you go to your 7Geese profile employees can see their individual role responsibilities and create a custom growth plan to help them progress in their careers.”

With 7Geese People Analytics and Career Management & Growth Plans, companies can retain top talent with easy tracking, grow through coaching and better engagement by having better conversations with their direct reports.

To learn more and see People Analytics and Career Management & Growth Plans in action, please visit: https://7geese.com/features/people-analytics/ and https://7geese.com/features/career-management/

About 7Geese

7Geese is a goal-setting and performance management platform that delivers real-time data to HR, managers and executives to help them make everyday decisions on employee performance and growth. Companies using 7Geese are able to customize the way they deliver and facilitate performance activities using the technological convenience 7Geese provides with features including: Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-tracking, feedback, 1-on-1s, employee recognition, talent management and career growth plans.

May Chau

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