7Geese Introduces Its One-on-One Coaching Feature [Video]

June 24, 2013 - 2 minute read - Posted by

To celebrate the launch of 7Geese One-on-One coaching feature, I sat down with Amin Palizban, the CEO of 7Geese to talk about the new feature. Watch the video to get some insights on our one-on-one coaching feature and on 7Geese in general.

Introducing 7Geese One-on-one Coaching Feature from 7Geese on Vimeo.


Highlights of the interview

  • One-on-one coaching sessions help align your employees as you listen to what they are doing and what they want to achieve while you share the organization’s vision and objectives. By having this alignment, you have better employee engagement, and even better, higher employee performance.
  • 7Geese looks at the pains of one-on-ones. Managers do not have a standardized format to conduct one-on-ones. Unstructured sessions may lead to managers going on a tangent and forgetting the purpose of the sessions. Another problem is the transfer of notes when managers leave their positions. Critical employee information can get lost if the notes are not stored properly.
  • Therefore, 7Geese offers a tool where managers can store the data privately and securely. Managers are encouraged to customize their own questions to reflect the organization’s values. Employees get a copy of the sessions which they can refer to later in follow-up sessions.
  • 7Geese integrates the one-on-one feature with its recognition and objectives setting features. During your one-on-ones, you have a detailed summary of what your employees have achieved and what they have been recognized for. If you and your employees come up with an action plan for a future project, you can input the information directly in the objectives setting along with the key results.
  • With more features coming out, 7Geese has a dedicated customer success team who provides you the support you need to train your team on how to use the product and to roll-out the product to your whole organization. The team also provides best practices on how to use the features.

Try the new feature by signing up on 7Geese. Experience the new feature in real-time and start applying it to your organization!

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