7Geese announces a partnership with Zenefits to make performance reviews easier

September 21, 2017 - 2 minute read - Posted by

7Geese today announced a partnership with Zenefits, which will make it easier for HR leaders to help employees achieve more at work by making use of modern performance reviews, and continuous performance management to their companies. The seamless integration between the two platforms enables customers to benefit from having a solid core HR platform as well as a continuous performance management solution.

The two companies will showcase their platform integration at Zenefits’ user conference – SHIFT: The Culture Conference – hosted by Zenefits – in San Francisco on September 21, 2017.

“The future of work is changing rapidly. We are moving to a culture where each employee is given more autonomy at work, backed by clearly defined, transparent goals. To succeed, managers must learn to become coaches who help their employees achieve more by providing continuous feedback. Our integration partnership makes it easy for leaders to roll-out modern performance management processes in their businesses” said Amin Palizban, CEO of 7Geese.

“Traditional HR software and performance review processes are broken and clunky. Employees want continuous feedback and coaching to thrive, and they want modern tools that are easy to use and effective. It’s time to embrace this change.”

About 7Geese

7Geese is a modern performance management platform which makes it easy for companies to create high-performing, growth-minded teams. 7Geese combines goal setting processes such as OKRs, with coaching features such as employee-driven 360 feedback, peer-to-peer recognition, and 1-on-1 tracking. Trusted by thousands of users worldwide, 7Geese takes the pain out of mapping strategic plans to employee’s actual work and makes performance conversations more productive by giving all employees transparent expectations and frequent, light-weight check-ins with their manager. For more information, visit www.7geese.com.

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