Managing remote teams

Give managers the digital toolkit they need to manage their teams regardless of their location.

Continuous performance

Manage talent in real-time and drive performance with data-driven reviews.

Alignment and visibility

Align every employee with your organizational objectives and increase visibility across all teams.

Results and accountability

Enable teams to drive measurable results and have clarity on what is expected from them.

Organization agility

Enable your organization to adapt, learn, iterate, and move faster and faster.

Employee engagement

Boost employee engagement, increase the sense of belonging purpose in your organization.

"7Geese provides better visibility into departmental goals and organizational direction, and better communication between managers and directs around expectations."

JoAnne Baldwin

Sr. Manager, Customer Marketing at PitchBook Data

via G2

Give your team tools to unlock
high performance


Everyone works towards the same goals with transparent and aligned Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

Help managers and employees grow with lightweight continuous and structured 360 feedback.


Provide growth-orientated coaching for employees with easy to schedule and track 1-on-1 conversations.


Conduct time efficient reviews based on historical performance data to reduce bias.

Career ManagementNEW

Reduce turnover and help people succeed with clear role expectations and growth plans.

People AnalyticsNEW

Retain top talent by making strategic people decisions based on accurate talent data.


Positively reinforce your organizations’ core values and increase employee happiness.


Plan and automate all your performance management programs in one place.


Integrate with the tools you already use. From HRIS providers to Slack, Salesforce and Gmail.

7Geese integrates into the tools you already use

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