New Ebook: A practical guide to OKRs for companies.

Learn how to use OKRs to align employees and drive better team performance.

Celebrate the big and small:
The continuous approach to performance management.

7Geese disrupts traditional goal-tracking and performance management processes. OKRs goal-tracking improves alignment and visibility in your organization. A feedback-rich coaching culture enables continuous performance improvement. Don't just fly - Soar!

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Designed to help improve performance and create a culture of coaching.

OKRs make goals transparent.

Align teams and individuals to strategic organizational objectives using the Objectives and Key Results goal-setting process. Provide visibility on how individual efforts contribute to the bigger picture to create engagement and motivation.

Social, peer recognition.

Boost employee morale through celebrating the small and big wins, as they happen. Build a culture that is both supportive and fun through a social recognition program exemplifying important organizational values and priorities.

Coaching and mentorship.

Encourage upward momentum and pursuit of excellence through coaching and mentorship. Regular 1-on-1s help your teams continuously learn, improve, and fill in the blanks on potential talent gaps before they become catastrophes.

Continuous, development-focused feedback.

Enable self-awareness and help employees build on their strengths with continuous feedback. Reinforce positive behaviours and help team mates identify blind spots and course-correct before it’s too late.

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  • "We really do live and breathe 7Geese – it is how we celebrate those who live our core values and how we align as a team to meet our company goals."

    Chelsea Jo Dietz - Head of Marketing & Communications, Airware

  • "We didn't formally have a way to broadcast updates to all our staff before. Now, weekly key initiatives can be pushed and check-ins measured quantitatively. Before 7Geese we weren't measuring and sharing our goals with metrics, but now we can."

    Tanya Koons - SVP of Human Resources, SET Solutions
  • "The OKRs process within 7Geese gave us an easy way to understand what people are doing and a simple way that maybe wouldn’t get developers worked up with keeping another list."

    Jorge Symonds - Brand Manager, Nearsoft
  • "The formal review and goal tracking processes that 7Geese supports ensure personal and team accountability each quarter. We also spend more time each month reflecting on professional development goals, enabling each team member to focus on their long-term professional growth and career trajectory."

    Ali Zelek - Product Growth Lead, Fluencia
  • "OKRs alignment is a detail-oriented and precision process that keeps everyone well aligned – with the visibility of organizational priorities on 7Geese, no-one is aligning objectives in the wrong places."

    Bart Lorang - CEO & Founder, FullContact

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